Cloudbreak: A Clinical-Stage Company Dedicated to Improving Vision Health

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with us and unsure of what motivates us to become a mission-driven company. Today, we are excited to share our story with you.

Cloudbreak is a clinical-stage biotechnology company on a mission to improve the vision quality of people worldwide. We aim to help them see life better through medicine by discovering and developing innovative treatments for unmet medical needs in the field of eye care.

Our dedicated team of founding scientists – Jinsong NI, Van DINH, Rong YANG, and Bing LENG – wanted to bring revolutionary treatment solutions to eye diseases through their efforts. They have years of education and work experience in leading international ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies. This has made them more aware of the importance of eye health and the many inconveniences that eye diseases bring to people’s lives. They have seen too many people, even people around them, suffering from eye diseases that are not fatal but seriously affect their daily lives. For example, the increasing problem of myopia among young people, the problem of presbyopia that many people are troubled by, and many other eye health problems that affect us, our elders, and the next generation. These are all reasons why we wanted to create a company dedicated to improving medical outcomes, and we hope to focus on solving these problems.

However, starting a company is never easy, and Cloudbreak faced many challenges in the early stages. These challenges are unavoidable, including funding, company management, talent recruitment, and so on. If you are going through these challenges, don’t worry, you are one step closer to success. As an R&D-intensive startup, our R&D costs are undoubtedly huge. Fortunately, we have been able to obtain the necessary help through fundraising and achieving many important milestones. This enabled us to focus on research and development. Each of our founders had to take on a lot of research and development tasks at this stage, and through collaboration with many external consultants, we worked together to overcome the complex interdisciplinary process of drug discovery and development.

These challenges also mean opportunities, and through multiple collaborations, we achieved several key milestones in the early stages. For example, we successfully raised sufficient seed funding, started R&D activities, and quickly identified a leading drug candidate, pushing the program into the clinical trial phase.

Our growth and expansion have been exceptional, and despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, we have achieved several R&D achievements. We have advanced a dual-indication program to multi-regional Phase 3 clinical trials, which is the final step for our product to enter the market and change people’s lives. In addition, we have four drug candidates which advanced into Phase 2 clinical trials that have been completed or are ongoing globally.

As a startup company, we want to share with everyone not to forget our original intention, which can help us better focus on the areas in which we want to make a difference. Just as we are dedicated to and focused on ophthalmic drug research and development and have gained the best training and knowledge support in ophthalmic care drug research and development, this has greatly contributed to our company’s growth and achievements. We persist in hiring the best and most suitable talents for our development and stay small and nimble as a clinical-stage company.

At Cloudbreak, we are proud to focus on improving solutions for ophthalmic diseases. Our mission, “Seeing Life Better Through Medicine,” is at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to improving people’s lives.

Cloudbreak will always be committed to working in ophthalmic care research and development. With our commitment to innovation and improving patient outcomes, we believe we can change the lives of millions of people around the world.


Join us on this exciting journey and work together to make a meaningful impact!