Jinsong Ni, Ph.D

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jinsong Ni, PhD Cloudbreak Therapeutics Founder and CEO

Dr. Jinsong Ni has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry and academic research experience in drug discovery and drug development.

Prior to founding Cloudbreak Pharma, Dr. Ni was Scientific Director at Allergan for 15 years and Senior Scientist at Wyeth/Pfizer for 3 years. During his tenures at Allergan and Wyeth/Pfizer, Dr. Ni has been:

  • Member of project teams for the successful launch of many ocular and dermal products, including AlphaganP®, Combigan®, Lumigan®, Tazorac® and Ozurdex®
  • Member of scientific teams for marketing support of Lumigan®, Allergan P® and Ozurdex®
  • Member of scientific teams for the successful legal defense of billion dollar franchise products Lumigan® and Restasis® at Allergan and multi-billion dollar franchise product Premarin® at Wyeth

Dr. Ni has served as non-clinical sub-team lead and compound manager to advance numerous drug candidates to various development stages including IND and NDA submission for small and large molecule drugs across multiple therapeutic areas including CNS (neuropathic pain), ophthalmology (glaucoma, ocular surface disease and retinal disease) and dermatology (actinic keratosis, acne, rosacea), women’s health, oncology and infectious disease.

Dr. Ni obtained his B.Sc. from Nanjing University, M.Sc. from Brock University, Ph.D. from University of Toronto and performed his post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Utah.