Van Dinh, MBA

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Van Dinh MBA Cloudbreak Therapeutics Co-Founder and COO

Van Dinh is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cloudbreak Pharma. Mr. Dinh has over twenty seven years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has worked in various scientific disciplines such as pharmacokinetics, toxicology, clinical development, pharmaceutical product development, and analytical sciences. Through these different disciplines, he has gained a vast amount of experience in the drug development processes. During his 18 years with Allergan, he was involved in many drug development projects and helped to bring these projects to successful commercial approvals such as Lumigan®, Combigan®, Acuvail®, Zymaxid®, Tazorac®, Ozudex®, Alphagan P®, Restasis®, Latisse®, and Lastacaft®. While at Allergan, he managed departments such as In Vivo Science, Scientific Operations and Formulations and Analytical Sciences. As the Chief Operating Officer of Cloudbreak Pharma, he is responsible for non-clinical, CMC, clinical study operation, and regulatory submission. He had helped to the company to bring 5 drug candidates into clinical phases.

Mr. Dinh obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Webster University and his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine.