WenKui Fang, Ph.D

Chief Innovation Officer

WenKui Fang

Dr. Fang joined Cloudbreak Pharma in September 2020. He serves as Chief Innovation Officer of the company. Before joining Cloudbreak, Dr. Fang had 19 years of medicinal chemistry research experience designing new innovative drugs for treating cancer, metabolic diseases, neuropathic pain, CNS diseases, inflammation, ocular and skin diseases.

Previously, Dr. Fang worked at Allergan for 17 years, as principal scientist in the medicinal chemistry division. During this time, he led generation and optimization based on target selectivity, ADME, toxicology, preclinical safety, and in vivo pharmacology.

Dr. Fang has broad experience in preparation of patent applications and publication manuscripts with over 52 patents covering his research and innovations at Allergan.

Dr. Fang completed his postdoctoral fellowship in the Weinreb Lab at Penn State, his Ph.D in Chemistry in the Pearson Lab at the University of Michigan, and his M.S. and B.S. in Chemistry at Nankai University.