Remarkable Progress in Clinical Trials: CBT-009 and CBT-004

We are proud to announce that  CBT-009, our novel ophthalmic formulation of atropine indicated for the treatment of juvenile myopia, has reached agreement with FDA to enter into Phase III clinical trial in the USA. We have submitted our application to FDA for conducting a Phase II clinical trial in the United States to test a first-in-class drug […]

Seeing Life Better Through Medicine

Imagine a world where everyone can experience the joy and beauty of clear vision. At Cloudbreak, our mission is centered around the belief that vision is not just a sense but a gateway to a more fulfilling life. We strive to empower individuals by improving their vision and reducing the burden of eye disease. Through […]

Cloudbreak: A Clinical-Stage Company Dedicated to Improving Vision Health

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with us and unsure of what motivates us to become a mission-driven company. Today, we are excited to share our story with you. Cloudbreak is a clinical-stage biotechnology company on a mission to improve the vision quality of people worldwide. We aim to help them see life better through medicine by […]

Cloudbreak Pharma Named a Potential Unicorn for 2023

  On June 20th, 2023, Greatwall Strategy Consultants (GEI) released the “2023 China Potential Unicorns Research Report”. Cloudbreak Pharma is honoured to be named one of the potential unicorn companies in China. The report showed that Suzhou ranked third in the country and first in the province in terms of number of potential unicorns with […]

Cloudbreak Pharma Inc. and Centre for Eye and Vision Research Ltd. sign a memorandum of understanding for strategic cooperation in Hong Kong

On May 17th, Cloudbreak Pharma Inc. (Cloudbreak) and Centre for Eye and Vision Research Ltd. (CEVR) signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic cooperation at the Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH) in Hong Kong. The parties intend to explore opportunities to collaborate on research in ocular science and have reached a preliminary understanding of […]

Abu Abraham, M.D.’s appointment as Chief Medical Officer

We are pleased to announce that Abu Abraham, M.D. has joined as the group’s Chief Medical Officer.     Dr. Abu Abraham has over 20 years of working experience in the pharmaceuticals and medical area.  He formerly served as Vice President and Global Head of Retina and Vitreous Therapeutics at Santen, where he managed a […]

New drug CBT-009 approved to conduct Phase I/II clinical trial in Australia

myopia progression

We are pleased to announce that Australia regulatory agency has approved our application to conduct Phase I/II trial in Australia to evaluate safety, tolerability and pharmacodynamics of CBT-009 (atropine) on healthy volunteers. Clinical trial is scheduled to start in July 2022. Myopia is a common visual disorder and has become the major cause of visual […]

Cloudbreak Pharma joins Ophthalmology Tech Summit 2022

We are thrilled to participate in and be an Event Sponsor of the Ophthalmology Tech Summit 2022, which will be held on June 16-17 at Balboa Bay Resort, California.  54 speakers and over 80 KOLs will gather in the event to engage with ophthalmologists, industry leaders and entrepreneurs to share the industry developments and innovations […]

Ms. Rebecca Chan, a former senior executive of the Listing Division of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and ex-partners of three out of four big four international firms, joins Cloudbreak Pharma as the Chief Financial Officer


Cloudbreak Pharma is pleased to announce that Ms. Rebecca Chan has joined as the group’s Chief Financial Officer.  Rebecca’s contributions will be instrumental to Cloudbreak Pharma’s future development. Ms. Rebecca Chan has over 34 years of working experience in international accounting firms and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. She has served as a partner of […]