Abu Abraham, M.D.’s appointment as Chief Medical Officer

We are pleased to announce that Abu Abraham, M.D. has joined as the group’s Chief Medical Officer.



Dr. Abu Abraham has over 20 years of working experience in the pharmaceuticals and medical area.  He formerly served as Vice President and Global Head of Retina and Vitreous Therapeutics at Santen, where he managed a 14-member team of clinical science medical directors, basic research scientists, translational research scientists, and global project leads.  He is well versed with ophthalmology Phase I to Phase III clinical studies and has extensive experience in global drug application filing and communication with drug regulatory agencies. The projects he participated in or managed in Santen involved the application of various therapeutic methods such as small molecules, antibodies, peptides, cell, and gene therapies in the field of ophthalmology, and was responsible for the scientific and medical due diligence of the company’s project introduction. In addition, Dr. Abu Abraham also worked for Amgen, an internationally renowned pharmaceutical company, where he was responsible for the safety and R&D of clinical programs.

Dr. Abu Abraham has taken multiple leadership roles, including leading the largest clinical development program (700+ subjects) to date in posterior segment uveitis, leading R&D side of due diligence for retina business development opportunities, and leading initiation of novel gene therapy program and in-licensing of the currently most advanced cell therapy program in ophthalmology (retina).

We are excited to have Abu joining us, and we believe that under his leadership, Cloudbreak Pharma will further advance in global ophthalmology clinical research and development, as well as global product filing and registration.