Dr. Jinsong Ni awarded Shishan Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Leading Talent” title

Jinsong Ni, Ph.D, founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Pharma, has been recently awarded the title of Shishan Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Leading Talent” in Suzhou High-tech Zone for 2022.



Dr. Ni is the founder of Cloudbreak Pharma. He leads an R&D team that is composed of R&D experts from Allergan, the Fortune 500 global pharmaceutical company. The team possesses extensive R&D experiences, robust innovation capabilities and broad international talents. They have participated in the successful development and launch of a number of blockbuster new ophthalmic drugs at Allergan.

Founded in California, USA in 2015, Cloudbreak Pharma plans to establish its corporate headquarters, global manufacture plant, and Greater China marketing and sales center in Suzhou High-tech Zone After years of development, the company has built a world-leading R&D platform for new ophthalmic drugs, mainly including a small molecule multi-targeted kinase inhibitor platform and antibody-small molecule synergism platform. Cloudbreak Pharma’s R&D expertise covers ocular surface, glaucoma and retina diseases. Cloudbreak Pharma currently has more than ten new drug pipelines, including two indications in Phase 3 clinical trials in the United States, three Phase 2 clinical trials in the United States, and one Phase 1/2 clinical trial in Australia, as well as multiple preclinical assets.

Cloudbreak Pharma focuses on the R&D of new ophthalmic drugs, with all products currently under  development being first-mover innovative drugs, proprietary and patented globally, which fully demonstrates Cloudbreak Pharma’s independent R&D and innovation capabilities. The launch of these new drugs will not only address the difficulties and challenges for treatment of many ophthalmic diseases internationally, but also fill the gaps by meeting the treatment needs of patients in the international and domestic market.

Dr. Ni’s team is very confident in developing Cloudbreak Pharma into a global company with both upstream and downstream business chains integrating global R&D, production and sales, and is committed to becoming a world-class reputable company in the development and launching of innovative ophthalmic drugs.

In the past year, the number of innovative enterprises and high-end scientific and technological talent in Suzhou High-tech Zone has increased year-on-year, and the number of approved provincial private technology enterprises has increased by 52% year-on-year. The High-tech Zone had successfully introduced high-quality science and technology innovation platforms such as Chinese Academy of Science’s talent incubation base, technology and innovation center and “Technology mayor group” incubation platform. The High-tech Zone will build an innovative ecosystem for enterprises, scientific research institutions, scientists and talents, with protection mechanisms, to accelerate the strategic layout as regional innovation hub, and drive high-quality regional development with technological innovation.

The award of the Shishan Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Leading Talent” title to Dr. Ni represents not only the High-tech Zone’s full recognition of Dr. Ni and expectations on Cloudbreak Pharma, but also a milestone for closer and deeper cooperation between the two parties in the future. The two parties will continue to give full play to their respective resource advantages and empower each other, and to jointly build Cloudbreak Pharma into a top international platform with a global perspective in the biopharmaceutical industry.