Innovative drug therapies to treat ophthalmic diseases

Cloudbreak Therapeutics specializes in the development of innovative drug therapies to treat both anterior segment (front of eye) and posterior segment (back of eye) ophthalmic diseases.

We have formulated a potent multi-kinase inhibitor to block angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels) and fibrosis (formation of excess fibrous connective tissue) into a topical eye drop to treat anterior segment ophthalmic diseases.

Multikinase Inhibitor

We formulated a potent multi-kinase inhibitor which can block VEGFR (1-3), PDGFR (,), FGFR (1-3) into a topical eye drop to treat pterygium, pinguecula, glaucoma filtration surgery, and adjunct therapy for cornea transplant surgery following 505b(2) regulatory pathway.


Cloudbreak Therapeutics seeks out licensing opportunity for Phase III ready drug candidates (CBT-001) which is a disease-modifying, first-in-class and the first drug therapy to treat pterygia.

Our Phase II clinical trial demo significantly reduced pterygium size and hyperemia and demonstrated excellent safety. The primary endpoint was met with highly statistical significance.

After a successful EOP2 meeting with the FDA, CBT-001 is ready to proceed with Phase III trials. The FDA has agreed on the path for product approval.

In addition, market research supports a robust sales forecast for CBT-001. Please check CBT-001 and 临床试验 to learn more.

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